Thursday, March 19, 2009

Web Site Design and Making Money With AdWords

With Google AdWords ads, you may link directly to Affiliate sites that you want to promote, or you may link to your own web site containing affiliate ads or your own products.

Whether you choose to make money with AdWords or other types of Internet marketing, if you're using your own web site, there is a right way to do web site design and a lot of wrong ways.

I want to recommend a 100-page ebook that's the smartest guide to effective web design out there, and probably one of the best books on Internet marketing that you're likely to find.

The ebook is called "Save the Pixel" and it's by Ben Hunt, a UK-based web designer who has drawn a lot of attention with his very useful online tutorials and articles about Web 2.0 design.

If you are doing anything online, or are considering it, then "Save the Pixel" will be some of the most valuable stuff you'll ever read.

Here are just a few of the juicy nuggets you'll be surprized you never knew:

-- The "big hairy question" visitors subconsciously ask themselves when they arrive at your site (and why ignoring this can scare them away before they read a word on your page);

-- What motivates visitors to click and scroll to get what they want, and what makes them click the back button and visit your competition;

-- The difference between a pipe page and a junction page - and when to use them;

-- When to use a link and when to use a button;

-- Where to put your logo so it doesn't get in the way of the sale;

-- And much, much more.

If you're just getting started and don't have a site yet, Ben's insights will save you a lot of time and hundreds of dollars in unnecessary design dead ends and fancy dysfunctional sites.

You can get Save the Pixel here.

It costs $29, and could easily sell at four times that amount. Do yourself and your website and your visitors a giant favor and invest that money and an hour of your time to learn how to create a site that turns visitors into paying customers.

Check out Save the Pixel here.

Here's to health, happiness and prosperity!

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