Monday, October 23, 2017

Internet Marketing and Making Money With Google AdWords

Internet marketing with Google AdWords is a lot like fishing. So is marketing in general, but Internet marketing especially, where Internet search traffic is like a torrential flowing river of traffic, big and wide. Internet marketing with AdWords amounts to dropping a fishing line into the Internet River of search traffic.

The current of the Internet River consists largely of search engine traffic, and the content or nature of the river's current is defined by keywords. Countless keyword phrases identify their own particular part of the current, and some parts of the current are much larger than other parts, of course, depending on how many people are searching for those particular keywords.

The Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines account for the vast bulk of the river's current of Internet search traffic.

Running a Google AdWords ad campaign is like dropping a fishing lure into the river of traffic. The keywords associated with the ad make up the lure itself. The text of the ad is like the decoration of the lure - some look attractive, some don't, to the prospective fishes swimming in the current of that keyword. The fishes decide in a split second whether to bite at the lure and click it.

The web site "landing page" to which ad leads is like the taste of the lure - some taste good, some don't, to the prospective fishes swimming in the current of that keyword. If the lure's landing page is tasty enough and the fish is hungry enough, then the fish swallows the lure and whips out a credit card or pays with PayPal. The fish is hooked. Otherwise the fish spits out the lure and moves on, or maybe saves the lure to check it out later.

Some keyword currents in the river are teeming with fish, and so they draw the attention of a lot of anglers all trying to drop their lures in that part of the river. Some keywords become so competitive that you can't even get your lure down into the water, without shelling out a lot of cash to make room for your lure.

Of course, there are many tricks to the trade, regarding how to get your AdWords lures into the water at minimum cost, how to make your AdWords lures more attractive, how to get them in front of the maximum number of prospective fishes, and how to make the lures' landing pages more tasty.

So if this interests you, learn all you can about AdWords marketing strategies. There's a lot to know. One good source I've found is at - two dudes named Kyle and Carson have compiled a helpful list AdWords strategies, tips, and tricks of the trade - check it out.

Good luck fishing in the Internet River and making money with AdWords!

                                                                 by Ken Burch

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bum Marketing and Making Money With AdWords

I've been following Travis over at with great interest, having signed up for his newsletter. The Bum Marketing Method he outlines is mainly about using "article marketing" to get free clicks from potential buyers, as opposed to paying for Google AdWords to get those clicks.

Bum Marketing (free marketing) also entails using other free Internet utilities such as social bookmarking sites to funnel links and traffic to your posted articles, which in turn refer traffic to your product links. Not to mention using Squidoo and Twitter as well.

Article marketing seems to make a lot of sense, as far as I can tell so far. Travis gives a free online tutorial on it at his web site at .

So I was kind of surprised to hear him say in one of his newsletter emails that the Bum Marketing Method only accounts for a small portion of his overall income actually. By far, the biggest moneymaker for him is from using Google AdWords. The Bum Marketing Method is just a way to get started with absolutely no money down, for bums like me.

Once you get a few dollars under your belt, Travis recommends stepping up a level to Google AdWords, which if done correctly, can generate a lot of targeted traffic very quickly, at a nice net profit.

For learning the ins and outs of using Google AdWords effectively, Travis recommends an ebook called Beating Adwords. I had bought it last summer when I was getting pulled in several directions at once, drowning in a sea of information, not yet focused. Now after re-reading it, or actually reading a lot of it for the first time, I have to agree that Beating AdWords is a good source of information about using AdWords effectively. You might be able to piece together all the information yourself, over time, but the value of a good ebook is that someone has already gathered and compiled all that information for you, which can be a huge time savings. And time is money, you know.

So check it out.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Web Site Design and Making Money With AdWords

With Google AdWords ads, you may link directly to Affiliate sites that you want to promote, or you may link to your own web site containing affiliate ads or your own products.

Whether you choose to make money with AdWords or other types of Internet marketing, if you're using your own web site, there is a right way to do web site design and a lot of wrong ways.

I want to recommend a 100-page ebook that's the smartest guide to effective web design out there, and probably one of the best books on Internet marketing that you're likely to find.

The ebook is called "Save the Pixel" and it's by Ben Hunt, a UK-based web designer who has drawn a lot of attention with his very useful online tutorials and articles about Web 2.0 design.

If you are doing anything online, or are considering it, then "Save the Pixel" will be some of the most valuable stuff you'll ever read.

Here are just a few of the juicy nuggets you'll be surprized you never knew:

-- The "big hairy question" visitors subconsciously ask themselves when they arrive at your site (and why ignoring this can scare them away before they read a word on your page);

-- What motivates visitors to click and scroll to get what they want, and what makes them click the back button and visit your competition;

-- The difference between a pipe page and a junction page - and when to use them;

-- When to use a link and when to use a button;

-- Where to put your logo so it doesn't get in the way of the sale;

-- And much, much more.

If you're just getting started and don't have a site yet, Ben's insights will save you a lot of time and hundreds of dollars in unnecessary design dead ends and fancy dysfunctional sites.

You can get Save the Pixel here.

It costs $29, and could easily sell at four times that amount. Do yourself and your website and your visitors a giant favor and invest that money and an hour of your time to learn how to create a site that turns visitors into paying customers.

Check out Save the Pixel here.

Here's to health, happiness and prosperity!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ad Writing - How to Make Money With AdWords

Over 50 years ago Robert Collier said: The secret to copywriting
is "Entering the conversation inside the customer's head." If you
can crack the code on that, you are well on your way.

Anybody who's experienced the exhilaration of changing 2 words
in a Google ad and doubling the response knows what I'm talking

GETTING TRAFFIC is "Entering."

GETTING PEOPLE INTERESTED is about "the conversation."

GETTING PEOPLE TO BUY is about moving the conversation
FORWARD to completion.

I'm always looking for the 20% of any formula that produces 80%
of the results. Every shortcut or success principle is always
essentially about that.

The 80/20 factor here is:

80% of people focus all their attention on getting traffic.

Only 20% focus on conversion.

Discussions about conversion put the *average* webmaster to
sleep. Yawn. I think I'm going to get up and have a cigarette
and walk around... and come back for the SEO session...

And since there's always a traffic guy with a blazing new technique,
most peoples' email boxes are an endless stream of distractions
that prevent them from ever actually selling anything and becoming

But conversion is the 20% that makes 80% of the difference.

If you double your sales without getting anymore traffic at all,
doesn't that make you a kind of marketing black belt? What
would it be like to make a comfortable living with a website
that gets just 100 visitors per day?

The average marketer never has the pleasure of experiencing
how far a conversation with one person can be carried, how
much capacity a small number of people has, to buy from you.
If you are moving that conversation forward, and forward, and
forward, you are the maestro.

When you learned to write and test Google ads, you were really
discovering the DNA of how conversion magic happens anywhere
and everywhere along the way.

Because you know and understand this, you are head and
shoulders above 80% of the people out there. As you begin
to apply it, you surpass 90%... 95%... 97%.... in time you
discover it's not all that hard to be one of those elite 3%
that gets 50% of the traffic and 80% of the sales.

-- from Perry Marshall