Monday, March 30, 2009

Bum Marketing and Making Money With AdWords

I've been following Travis over at with great interest, having signed up for his newsletter. The Bum Marketing Method he outlines is mainly about using "article marketing" to get free clicks from potential buyers, as opposed to paying for Google AdWords to get those clicks.

Bum Marketing (free marketing) also entails using other free Internet utilities such as social bookmarking sites to funnel links and traffic to your posted articles, which in turn refer traffic to your product links. Not to mention using Squidoo and Twitter as well.

Article marketing seems to make a lot of sense, as far as I can tell so far. Travis gives a free online tutorial on it at his web site at .

So I was kind of surprised to hear him say in one of his newsletter emails that the Bum Marketing Method only accounts for a small portion of his overall income actually. By far, the biggest moneymaker for him is from using Google AdWords. The Bum Marketing Method is just a way to get started with absolutely no money down, for bums like me.

Once you get a few dollars under your belt, Travis recommends stepping up a level to Google AdWords, which if done correctly, can generate a lot of targeted traffic very quickly, at a nice net profit.

For learning the ins and outs of using Google AdWords effectively, Travis recommends an ebook called Beating Adwords. I had bought it last summer when I was getting pulled in several directions at once, drowning in a sea of information, not yet focused. Now after re-reading it, or actually reading a lot of it for the first time, I have to agree that Beating AdWords is a good source of information about using AdWords effectively. You might be able to piece together all the information yourself, over time, but the value of a good ebook is that someone has already gathered and compiled all that information for you, which can be a huge time savings. And time is money, you know.

So check it out.

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