Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ad Writing - How to Make Money With AdWords

Over 50 years ago Robert Collier said: The secret to copywriting
is "Entering the conversation inside the customer's head." If you
can crack the code on that, you are well on your way.

Anybody who's experienced the exhilaration of changing 2 words
in a Google ad and doubling the response knows what I'm talking

GETTING TRAFFIC is "Entering."

GETTING PEOPLE INTERESTED is about "the conversation."

GETTING PEOPLE TO BUY is about moving the conversation
FORWARD to completion.

I'm always looking for the 20% of any formula that produces 80%
of the results. Every shortcut or success principle is always
essentially about that.

The 80/20 factor here is:

80% of people focus all their attention on getting traffic.

Only 20% focus on conversion.

Discussions about conversion put the *average* webmaster to
sleep. Yawn. I think I'm going to get up and have a cigarette
and walk around... and come back for the SEO session...

And since there's always a traffic guy with a blazing new technique,
most peoples' email boxes are an endless stream of distractions
that prevent them from ever actually selling anything and becoming

But conversion is the 20% that makes 80% of the difference.

If you double your sales without getting anymore traffic at all,
doesn't that make you a kind of marketing black belt? What
would it be like to make a comfortable living with a website
that gets just 100 visitors per day?

The average marketer never has the pleasure of experiencing
how far a conversation with one person can be carried, how
much capacity a small number of people has, to buy from you.
If you are moving that conversation forward, and forward, and
forward, you are the maestro.

When you learned to write and test Google ads, you were really
discovering the DNA of how conversion magic happens anywhere
and everywhere along the way.

Because you know and understand this, you are head and
shoulders above 80% of the people out there. As you begin
to apply it, you surpass 90%... 95%... 97%.... in time you
discover it's not all that hard to be one of those elite 3%
that gets 50% of the traffic and 80% of the sales.

-- from Perry Marshall

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